Offering financial services for strata communities

StrataLoans is a product of StrataCash Management

StrataCash Management Pty Ltd was established by the MaxSoft Group in 2007 when it was identified there were no accounts available in the market which specifically addressed the needs of the Strata Management industry. StrataCash has opened accounts for over 20,000 owners corporations and bodies corporate across Australia and continues to grow.

The strata industry has embraced the ease and flexibility of using these accounts and together with strata management software, StrataMax, has made the managing of strata more streamlined and accountable. Dealing with people who are experts in strata make it easy. 

Adding StrataLoans to the product offering has been a natural addition for a complete strata management solution. 


Experts in financial services in Strata

MaxSoft have pioneered several strata specific financial services to accommodate the specific needs of the industry. StrataCash, StrataPay and StrataLoans are all respected and successful solutions for managing strata.

The MaxSoft Group

MaxSoft Group



The MaxSoft group operates four major brands specifically for strata management including: StrataMax, StrataPay, StrataCash and StrataLoans. Each of these brands is a unique solution to serve the strata management industry from managing day-to-day administration to banking, levy collection and loans. A summary of each can be found here.


StrataMax was founded in 1992 on the Gold Coast in Queensland by Michael Borin, under the MaxSoft Group. Michael identified that strata management was labour intensive to administrate so he decided to try to automate every conceivable task within a Strata Managers office. The group has now grown to be the market leader in strata management software, with expansion to every state in Australia. It is owned and operated by the Borin family and is now run as a second generation family business.


In 2002 a separate company was launched, StrataPay, which holds an Australian Financial Services License. StrataPay revolutionised the management of issuing and collecting levies and other fees for Strata Managers and continues to innovate with a wide range of payment channels available to owners


In addition to payment options, it was recognised that the strata sector ideally needed bank accounts with special features that regular accounts could not offer. BOQ StrataCash accounts were developed by BOQ in conjunction with StrataCash to meet the specific  requirements of lot owners and strata managers. StrataCash, also under the MaxSoft Group was launched in 2007 and holds a separate Australian Financial Services Licence.


The most recent offering to the strata industry is now StrataLoans which will garner the years of experience the group has to offer the best strata finance solution in the market.