StrataLoans questions

Your Questions Answered

  • What is strata finance?
    Strata finance is taken out by an owners corporation or body corporate to fund work to enhance or protect the value of the strata property. Sometimes repairs, maintenance or enhancements cannot wait until funds are raised through sinking funds so strata finance is the perfect solution.
  • How do I know I can trust StrataLoans?
    StrataLoans is a product of StrataCash Management which is a financial services provider specifically for strata and has been operating for over eight years. Specialising exclusively in the strata industry the team at StrataCash are experts in strata, understand the unique legislation in each state and can be trusted to deliver the right solutions for your owners corporation.
  • What do StrataLoans know about running an owners corporation or body corporate?
    The team behind StrataLoans have been involved in the strata industry for over twenty five years and know the many challenges faced living in strata. As experts in this field they are ready to help your owners corporation or body corporate.
  • What are StrataLoans credentials?
    StrataLoans is a product of StrataCash Management Pty Ltd ABN 44 124 400 924 Australian Credit Licence number 323823