Celebrating Two Years of StrataLoans

Celebrating Two Years of StrataLoans

It is hard to believe it has been two years since StrataLoans was launched into the Australian market. Now recognised as experts in funding for strata, the team at StrataLoans continues to serve the strata community Australia-wide.

StrataLoans offers finance to owner’s corporations and bodies corporate to cover costs that regular levies or special levies may be insufficient to cover. These include repairs, renovations, rectifications and green initiatives, just to name a few.

The size of loans over the past two years has varied considerably with the smallest being just $3,750 to the largest being $5,000,000. The purpose of these has also varied from painting and refurbishments to balcony repairs and legal costs.

“Working with owners and managers to find the best solution for their requirements has been extremely rewarding”, commented StrataLoans Manager, Debbie Barker.

With the continuing increase in strata living in Australia, services supporting this lifestyle will remain essential. StrataLoans will continue to assist these communities to achieve their desired lifestyles and investment potential.

“We continue to support the industry and the people who both offer services and live in strata and are looking forward to what the future will bring”, commented Dorian Borin, Managing Director of StrataLoans and the MaxSoft Group.

Join us in celebrating the first two years of StrataLoans and the many years to come.

Further enquiries please contact StrataLoans on 1300 785 045.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018