Living Sustainably for the Future - What Do You Need to Do?

by Andrea Quintero - HFM Asset Management

Living Sustainably for the Future - What Do You Need to Do?
The number of Australians currently living in apartments, is higher than ever before – in fact, according to the latest Census of Population and Housing performed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) “The number of occupied apartments (including flats and units, excluding townhouses) in Australia has increased by 78% over the past 25 years”

With this rapidly-growing lifestyle change, we need to take into account the environmental impact that these residential buildings represent and develop a strategy to reduce our carbon footprint – not only to comply with the Paris Agreement but also to protect Australia’s sustainability.

NABERS for Apartment Buildings

NABERS refers to the National Australian Built Environment Rating System; which is the equivalent to the star rating that you would see in your home appliances – but for buildings. This rating system was launched almost two decades ago and has helped many buildings across Australia to improve their sustainability. In June 2018 NABERS launched a rating system for apartment buildings.

Why is it helpful?

A NABERS rating allows owners, strata managers, building managers and investors to benchmark the efficiency of a building regarding its use of energy and water for normal operations, against similar buildings across Australia.

Why should an apartment building perform a NABERS Rating?

HFM say, “There is no way of knowing where to go if you don’t know where you are.”

Performing annual NABERS ratings allows a building to understand and review their consumption.

Statistical data shows that commercial buildings that have performed 10 NABERS ratings had experienced an average reduction of 40% in their energy use, compared to when they started.

NABERS for Apartment Buildings represents a significant advantage for the residential sector. The NABERS tool has already been making a substantial impact in the commercial sector, and the key message from this is that being aware of the level of consumption does make a difference.

What are the key benefits?

  • Identify incorrect billing
  • Reduce energy and water costs
  • Understand the energy and water usage
  • Remove energy and water wastage
  • Green credentials
  • Attract investors

How does NABERS for Apartment Buildings work?

  • Assesses common areas energy and water consumption in apartment buildings
  • Can determine all different apartment building types around Australia

Who can perform a NABERS rating for an Apartment Building?

Only a NABERS accredited assessor for apartment buildings can perform the rating.

What to do after obtaining the NABERS certificate?

Performing a NABERS rating and not doing anything to improve the efficiency of a building would be like winning a prize and not claiming it.

After obtaining the NABERS certificate and understanding where the building sits regarding sustainability compared to similar buildings in Australia, you should implement strategies to reduce the building’s energy and water consumption.

HFM Asset Management, offer a wide range of services to help buildings become more efficient. Strategies vary from one building to another, however certain activities can help any building improve and become more efficient.

You can make a difference and make your buildings more efficient, healthier and cheaper to run.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019